In this project, parts were glued together, labeled, and packed out into customized cartons, all right at the injection molded machine to maximize efficiency, minimize price, and reduce lead time.
To make this display, parts were ultrasonically welded together, labeled, and packed out into customized cartons.
In this display, parts were molded from four different tools, two-color hot stamped in multiple locations with various artwork, and then labeled. Afterwards, the pusher and spring assemblies were installed and the six sections were glued together using a high-strength resin bond.
This part serves the food industry. The parts are thick walled, highly impact resistant, and pass FDA standards.
This part serves to activate the flotation devices on airplanes. Nylon string is fed through the mold during processing so that the plastic molds around the string.
Montrose has several proprietary products, including this S hook. This hook can be clipped on a number of different surfaces to hang items.
This project illustrates the versatility of our company. This part was designed, the tool was made, and the parts were molded and assembled all under our roof.
With injection molding machines as large as 1,000 tons, we have the capability to produce large bin totes of many different sizes for our customers.
We are capable of producing threaded parts at a high volume.
Another proprietary item that we offer our customers is a customizable tray, offered in three sizes: 19 3/8” x 24 ½”, 19 3x8” x 19”, and 19 3/8” x 13”. This tray can be hot stamped with a logo or wording of your choice and it comes with a castor plug if castors are required.
We also serve the bedding industry by offering our customers corners of different styles, colors, and sizes. Visit Plastic Monofil to learn more.
We also offer our customers a proprietary line of threaded nuts of different sizes and colors for the lawn and garden industry. These parts are molded from a high impact resistant ABS.